Alex Eastabrook

Embedded Programming, Hardware Modification
and Photography

Recent Projects

These are recent projects that I have completed for fun.

EMF Creeper

Ci20 Robot

Home Made Printers


CNC Mill

Pixel Display

About Me

Writing an 'About Me' is hard.
Firmware Engineer by day, Prototype Engineer by night.
Occasionally finds the time to do a Marathon or Man Vs Mountain


A Link to the current Build Log of my upcoming projects will be placed here shortly.

EMF Creeper - Work in Progress

Inductive Bed Leveling

Machining Aluminium

Alex's Build Wiki

I want to host a Wiki dedicated to detailing all of the ‘Intuitive Steps’ required to build the projects that I have completed, various failures I have had on the way, as well as being able to transfer as much knowledge and good practice to anyone who wants to read it.

Build Tools and Good Practice

Projects In Progress : How To Guides

Rough Projects

Tools and Hobbies

To make all of this possible, I have built up a large collection of fun toys.

2x CNC Mills

2x 3D Printers

Scopes, Analysers, Reflow Oven


Occasionally, I am even able to get outside and take some photos.